Monday, January 6, 2014

The Extreme Life of the Sea: The Book: The Trailer

As I've mentioned before in this space, my father and I have collaborated to write a popular science book. Titled "The Extreme Life of the Sea," it's a fun, immersive and highly detailed survey of the ocean's most extreme habitats and the amazing creatures who populate them. These are cool things on their own, but they also outline what's really possible for life on Earth and maybe for life in general. We lay out some of our era's greatest scientific debates and challenges, particularly the ongoing global climate-change crisis. These warm dry winters in California and insanely brutal winters in the Midwest? That's climate change, and the fact that you're noticing it means things have already gotten REALLY bad. Good news: there are some reasonable policy solutions, so we're not totally boned! And even if we are, the oceans are so powerful and productive that Planet Earth will soldier on just fine without us. We can't really destroy our planet, but it's easily capable of destroying us.

Above is the just-released video trailer for "The Extreme Life of the Sea." I had no hand in making it, though I know the folks who did, and I wrote the book. So, like 2.5% credit for this? I'm no publishing expert but I believe that's what they call "royalties."

"The Extreme Life of the Sea" will be available at all booksellers of good taste, in hardcover and extended e-book (with a whole bunch more videos, some of which I did help with) form in March 2014 by Princeton University Press. BUY IT.

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